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              作者:柴油发电机厂家 来源:http://www.alejitus.com 发表时间:2021-02-22【 浏览次数:


              Cummins Inc.
              Columbus, Indiana 47202-3005
              Compression Ratio : 15.0 : 1
              Fuel System : Cummins MCRS
              Aspiration :
              Emission Certification : U.S. EPA Tier 2
              Engine Speed
              Standby Power
              Engine Performance Data @ 1800 rpm
              OUTPUT POWER
              FUEL CONSUMPTION
              lb/ hp·h
              kg/ kWm·h
              US gal/ hour
              litre/ hour
              STANDBY POWER
              PRIME POWER
              CONTINUOUS POWER

              CONVERSIONS:(litres = US Gal x 3.785) (US Gal = litres x 0.2642) Data Subject to Change Without Notice
              These guidelines have been formulated to ensure proper application of generator drive engines in A.C. generator set in- stallations. STANDBY POWER RATING: Applicable for supplying emergency power for the duration of the utility power outage. No overload capability is available for this rating. Under no condition is an engine allowed to operate in parallel with the public utility at the Standby Power rating. This rating should be applied where reliable utility power is available. A Standby rated engine should be sized for a maximum of an 80% average load factor and 200 hours of operation per year. This includes less than 25 hours per year at the Standby Power rating. Standby ratings should never be applied except in true emergency power outages. Negotiated power outages contracted with a utility company are not considered an emer- gency. PRIME POWER RATING: Applicable for supplying electric power in lieu of commercially purchased power. Prime Power applications must be in the form of one of the following two categories:UNLIMITED TIME RUNNING PRIME POW- ER: Prime Power is available for an unlimited number of hours per year in a variable load application. Variable load should not exceed a 70% average of the Prime Power rating during any operating period of 250 hours. The total operating time at 100% Prime Power shall not exceed 500 hours per year. A 10% overload capability is available for a period of 1 hour within a 12-hour period of operation. Total operating time at the 10% overload power shall not exceed 25 hours per year. LIMITED TIME RUNNING PRIME POWER: Limited Time Prime Power is available for a limited number of hours in a non- variable load application. It is intended for use in situations where power outages are contracted, such as in utility power curtailment. Engines may be operated in parallel to the public utility up to 750 hours per year at power levels never to ex- ceed the Prime Power rating. The customer should be aware, however, that the life of any engine will be reduced by this constant high load operation. Any operation exceeding 750 hours per year at the Prime Power rating should use the Con- tinuous Power rating.CONTINUOUS POWER RATING: Applicable for supplying utility power at a constant 100% load for an unlimited number of hours per year. No overload capability is available for this rating.
              Reference AEB 10.47 for determining Electrical Output.
              Data shown above represent gross engine performance capabilities obtained and corrected in accordance with ISO- 3046 conditions of 100 kPa (29.53 in Hg) barometric pressure [110 m (361 ft) altitude], 25 °C (77 °F) air inlet temper- ature, and relative humidity of 30% with No. 2 diesel or a fuel corresponding to ASTM D2.
              Derates shown are based on 15 in H2O air intake restriction and 2.0 in Hg exhaust back pressure.
              The fuel consumption data is based on No. 2 diesel fuel weight at 0.85 kg/litre (7.1 lbs/US gal). Power output curves are based on the engine operating with fuel system, water pump and lubricating oil pump; not included are battery charging alternator, fan, optional equipment and driven components.
              Data Status: --Limited Production--
              Data Tolerance: ± 5%
              Chief Engineer:

              Operation at Elevated Temperature and Altitude:
              For Standby operation above these conditions, derate by an additional 3% per 1000 ft (300 m), and 7% per 18 delta deg F (10 delta deg C)
              For Prime operation above these conditions, derate by an additional 3% per 1000 ft (300 m), and 9% per 18 delta deg F (10 delta deg C)
              For Continuous operation above these conditions, derate by an additional 3% per 1000 ft (300 m), and 10% per 18 delta deg F (10 delta deg C)
              Cummins Inc.
              Engine Data SheetDATA SHEET: FR4581
              ENGINE MODEL : QSK19-G5 
              CONFIGURATION NUMBER : D193103GX03
              • Fan to Flywheel: TBD• Engine Critical Parts List: 3866
              Type Four Cycle; Inline; 6 Cylinder
              Aspiration Turbocharged and Charge Air Cooled
              Bore x Stroke .............................................................................................................. — in x in (mm x mm) 6.25 x 6.25 159 x 159
              Displacement.............................................................................................................................. — in3 (litre) 1150 18.9
              Compression Ratio........................................................................................................................................ 15.0 : 1
              Dry Weight (Approximate),
              Fan to Flywheel Engine.......................................................................................................... — lb (kg) 4190 1901
              Wet Weight (Approximate),
              Fan to Flywheel Engine.......................................................................................................... — lb (kg) 4350 1973
              Moment of Inertia of Rotating Components
              • with FW 4023 Flywheel lbm • ft2 (kg • m2)
              Center of Gravity from Rear Face of Block in (mm)
              Center of Gravity Above Crankshaft Centerline in (mm)
              Maximum Static Loading at Rear Main Bearing lb (kg)
              ENGINE MOUNTING
              Maximum Bending Moment at Rear Face of Block ......................................................... — lb • ft (N • m) 1000 1356
              EXHAUST SYSTEM
              Maximum Back Pressure @ 1800 RPM............................................................................. — in Hg (kPa) 2 6.8
              Maximum Intake Air Restriction
              • with Dirty Filter Element.................................................................................................. — in H2O (kPa) 25 6.2
              • with Normal Duty Air Cleaner and Clean Filter Element @ 1800 RPM....................... — in H2O (kPa) 15 3.7
              COOLING SYSTEM
              Coolant Capacity — Engine Only US gal (litre)
              Minimum Pressure Cap psi (kPa)
              Maximum Static Head of Coolant Above Engine Crank Centerline ft (m)
              Maximum Coolant Temperature (Max Top Tank Temp) for Standby / Prime Power °F (°C)
              220 / 212
              104 / 100
              Thermostat (Modulating) Range °F (°C)
              Jacket Water Circuit Requirements
              181 - 203
              83 - 95
              Maximum Coolant Friction Head External to Engine @ 1800 RPM psi (kPa)
              Charge Air Cooler Requirements
              Maximum Temp. Rise Between Engine Air Intake and Intake Manifold - 1800 rpm °F (°C)
              Maximum Air Pressure Drop from Turbo Air Outlet to Intake Manifold - 1800 rpm in Hg (kPa)
              Maximum Intake Manifold Temperature @ 77 °F (25 °C) Ambient - 1800 rpm °F (°C)
              Maximum Intake Manifold Temperature for Engine Protection (Shut Down Threshold) °F (°C)
              Oil Pressure   @ Idle Speed psi (kPa)
              @ Governed Speed psi (kPa)
              40 - 60
              275.8 - 413.7
              Maximum Oil Temperature °F (°C)
              Oil Capacity with OP 4084 Oil Pan : High - Low US gal (litre)
              19 - 17
              71.9 - 64.4
              Total System Capacity (Including Filter) US gal (litre)

              FUEL SYSTEM
              Type Injection System Cummins MCRS
              Maximum Restriction at Lift Pump(clean/dirty filter) in Hg (kPa)
              5 / 9
              16.9 / 30
              Maximum Allowable Head on Injector Return Line (Consisting of Friction Head and Static Head) in Hg (kPa)
              Maximum Fuel Inlet Temperature °F (°C)
              Maximum Supply Fuel Flow @ 1800 RPM US gph (litre/hr)
              Maximum Return Fuel Flow @ 1800 RPM US gph (litre/hr)
              Cranking Motor (Heavy Duty, Positive Engagement) ................................................................................................ — volt 24
              Minimum Recommended Battery Capacity
              • Cold Soak @ 50 °F (10 °C) and above ...................................................................................................... — °F CCA 600
              • Cold Soak @ 32 °F to 50 °F (0 °C to 10 °C) ............................................................................................. — °F CCA 640
              • Cold Soak @ 0 °F to 32 °F (-18 °C to 0 °C) .............................................................................................. — °F CCA 900
              Maximum Starting Circuit Resistance.........................................................................................................................— Ohm 0.002
              Unaided Cold Start
              Minimum Cranking Speed.......................................................................................................................................... — RPM 150
              Minimum Ambient Temperature for Unaided Cold Start ....................................................................................... — °F (°C) 10 -12.2
              PERFORMANCE DATA
              All data is based on: • Engine operating with fuel system, water pump, lubricating oil pump, air cleaner and exhaust silencer; not included are battery charging alternator, fan, and optional driven components.
              • Engine operating with fuel corresponding to grade No. 2-D per ASTM D975.
              • ISO 3046, Part 1, Standard Reference Conditions of:
              Barometric Pressure    :  100 kPa (29.53 in Hg) Air Temperature : 25 °C (77 °F) Altitude :   110 m (361 ft) Relative Humidity : 30%
              Steady State Stability Band at Any Constant Load %
              Estimated Free Field Sound Pressure Level of a Typical Generator Set;
              Excludes Exhaust Noise; at Rated Load and 7.5 m (24.6 ft); @ 1800 RPM dBA
              Exhaust Noise at 1 m Horizontal from Centerline of Exhaust Pipe Outlet Upwards at 45° @ 1800 RPM dBA
              Governed Engine Speed rpm
              Engine Idle Speed rpm
              Gross Engine Power Output hp (kW)
              Brake Mean Effective Pressure psi (kPa)
              Piston Speed ft/min (m/s)
              Friction Horsepower hp (kW)
              Engine Water Flow at Stated Friction Head External to Engine:
              • 2.5 psi Friction Head US gpm (litre/min)
              • Maximum Friction Head US gpm (litre/min)
              Engine Data
              Intake Air Flow cfm (litre/s)
              Exhaust Gas Temperature °F (°C)
              Exhaust Gas Flow cfm (litre/s)
              Air to Fuel Ratio air : fuel
              Radiated Heat to Ambient BTU/min (kW)
              Heat Rejection to Jacket Coolant BTU/min (kW)
              Heat Rejection to Exhaust BTU/min (kW)
              Heat Rejected to *Fuel BTU/min (kW)
              ATA CAC
              Heat Rejected to Aftercooler. BTU/min (kW)
              Charge Air Flow lb/min (kg/min)
              Turbocharger Compressor Outlet Pressure in Hg (kPa)
              Turbocharger Compressor Outlet Temperature. °F (°C)

              * This is the maximum heat rejection to fuel.
              N.A. - Not Available
              N/A - Not Applicable to this Engine
              TBD - To Be Determined
              ENGINE MODEL : QSK19-G5 DATA SHEET : FR4581



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